• Arocho es un apellido con variantes en el lenguage hebreo: Aroch y Aruch. En espanyol tiene por lo menos una variante, Arochas.
  • Judios importantes con el apellido Arocho:
    Eliezer ArochasHEZKIA ELIEZER AROCHAS, of blessed memory, better known as Kiki, was born in Cairo, Egypt on December 20, 1924, the second of six boys. His father, Eliezer Hezkia Arochas was from Izmir, Turkey; and his mother, Esther Cohen, was a sabra from Yerushalayim.
    At the tender age of six, he led his entire school every morning in Shaharit prayers. He was also the head of the choir in the great Ashkenazic shul of Cairo. He enjoyed all types of music in many languages, and his repertoire spanned from operatic arias to Arabic ballads.
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